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Dr. Jolly’s Cali OG Crystals


Hybrid     THC 91.17%     CBD 0.0%    

Primary Terpenes: 

Terpinolene 1.05%    β-caryophyllene 0.89%    β-myrcene 0.36%


California knows how to party and that’s exactly what this strain is for. Whether you’re ready to start hitting the scene again or you’re comfortable with your own company and staying in to brainstorm or make music, Cali OG is prepared to take you there. It hits like the full blast of pacific sun in a cloudless sky, which is energizing to some but makes others want to take a nap.

This strain is super on balance. It combines sharpened, thoughtful perception with a clear uplifting effect that lets you focus on the good things in life and appreciate all of its intricate details. This is a good beach day strain and it’s great for conversations that actually go somewhere. Cali OG tastes spicy with a surprising blend of fruity and coffee flavors, which are faithfully preserved by Dr. Jolly’s extraction process.

Dr. Jolly’s Crystals are the pure crystal structure of isolated cannabinoids. The extract is made from flowers that were flash frozen after harvest to keep every terpene intact. That means you get to experience every note of Cali OG’s unique flavor profile.

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Brands: Dr. Jolly's
Founded and staffed by long time cannabis lovers. Dr Jolly’s relentlessly searches for strains and techniques to create and retain as many delicious, amazing terpenes as possible. We hope you enjoy our flower, extracts, and sauce as much as we enjoy growing and extracting them! #StayJolly
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