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Dr. Jolly’s Cherry Chem x Chem 91 RSO Extract


Hybrid     THC 75.2%     CBG 0.78%     CBC 0.62%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.37%     α-humulene 0.07%     Linalool 0.28%    


Dr. Jolly’s Cherry Chem x Chem 91 RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a full-spectrum cannabis extract that works equally well as an edible or a topical. Dr. Jolly’s processes theirs with hydrocarbons to capture the complex terpene profile of the original plant. 

Cherry Chem x Chem 91 crosses two interstellar indica hybrids with one goal in mind: worry-free relief when and where you need it. Each dose is clearly marked on the tube, and you can enjoy the flavorful extract dissolved in a drink of your choice or directly under your tongue. You’ll really be able to taste the cherry, and you’ll appreciate the permeating relief that seeps into every nook and cranny.

As a topical ointment, RSO provides localized relief by bonding with the natural CB2 receptors scattered throughout your body. We still recommend following the dosage guidelines on the tube—one mark at a time—then simply massage the oil into your skin wherever needed. It won’t get you high, but you’ll be able to appreciate the effects within a couple of minutes and they’ll last for a couple of hours.


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