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Dr. Jolly’s Cherry Vanilla Cooks Diamonds Concentrate


Hybrid    THC 93.13%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Limonene 2.5%     Caryophyllene 1.4%     Myrcene 1.3%


Dr. Jolly’s Cherry Vanilla Cooks Diamonds is the highest-testing THC concentration out of any of the products we sell at Pot Mates (at the time of posting at least) . It’s so high, we smoked it in the future and it reached back in time to get us high now. The potency of Cherry Vanilla Cooks is not to be underestimated, especially in this exceptionally dabbable form.

It’s also exceptionally delicious. Limonene leads the flavor profile with a juicy fruit tartness, and the combination of myrcene with caryophyllene rounds it out for a complex cookie-like flavor. Imagine a ginger snap with a frosted lemon glaze, and that’s about what you can expect from the taste.

Once you hit it, you’ve got about an hour to get horizontal before you’ll be that way whether you want to or not. Cherry Vanilla Cooks has some pronounced physical effects that will weigh down your limbs with an undertow of relaxation to sink into your very bones. It’s best consumed at night, and it’s the perfect way to rest re-energize after the second day of a three-day weekend.

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