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Dr. Jolly’s Glue Diamonds Concentrate


Hybrid    THC 87.8%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Nerolidol 0.2%     Carophyllene 0.1%     Pinene 0.1%


Dr. Jolly’s Glue Diamonds is the perfect hybrid. It’s the sativa for people who don’t like sativa. It’s the indica for people who don’t like indica. If you’re trying to persuade someone to comfortably branch out of their comfort zone, this is the strain to do it. On the outside you’ll be calm, cool, and relaxed, but on the inside you’ll be popping and bubbly. It ripples up your spine and wraps around your brain from the back to the front.

Dr. Jolly’s makes diamonds using fresh frozen plant or whole buds and a pressurized chamber that separates the cannabinoids and the terpenes so that what you vape is almost pure cannabinoid, crystalized like rock candy. This makes Cotton Candy’s flavor very light, but the distinguished palate can detect a delightfully woody, almost piney flavor. One hit and it widens your eyes, loosens your spine, and melts through your entire body. The high starts with a boost of energy that quickly mellows out and can leave you a puddle on the floor if you vape enough of it.

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