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Dr. Jolly’s Headdog x Mad Max Live Resin Concentrate


Hybrid    THC 79.02%     CBD <LOQ     CBG 0.2%

Primary Terpenes: 

Myrcene 2.3%     Limonene 0.8%     Caryophyllene 0.5%


Everybody loves a good hybrid, but Dr. Jolly’s Headdog x Mad Max has taken the concept to a whole ‘nother level that changes the very definition of the word “high”. Headdog is 50% indica and 50% sativa, the result of Headband crossed with Guinness. It offers a sociable, lifted euphoria and a relaxing body high. Mad Max, on the other hand, is the indica-dominant offspring of Raspberry Kush and Gorilla Snacks, and brings a powerful buzz that can knock you down if you’re not careful.

When Headdog and Mad Max combine, they create a unique experience that will vary based on your individual level of tolerance. New users will find it makes them lazy, more suited to video games on the couch than making friends at a party, but users with a higher tolerance may experience it more as a social lubricant, opening up conversations and spurring them toward more creative pursuits.

Dr. Jolly’s Live Resin extraction method preserves all of the original plant terpenes, so you can expect a smooth aroma of berries and cream with diesel overtones.

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