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Dr. Jolly’s House Blend RSO


Hybrid     THC 70.87%    CBG 2.63%    CBN 0.36%     

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.34%    ∂-limonene 0.66%    β-myrcene 0.36%


Dr. Jolly’s House Blend is the perfect example of how extracts help us get the most out of every cannabis plant, and there’s no more holistic way to experience it than with RSO. Rick Simpson Oil is a potent oil with a thick consistency that can you apply topically, take orally, or mixed with your favorite beverage to help it go down easier.

The thing that makes Dr. Jolly’s House Blend so great is that you’re not limited to the cannabinoid or terpene profile of any one strain. Every time Dr. Jolly’s makes RSO, they end up with just a little bit more than a gram of extra oil, and they blend all the remainders into one epic sauce. Expect long-lasting physical relief with a head high that is easy to function on.

Each dose is clearly marked on the tube, and we recommend starting small until you get a feel for it. As a topical ointment, RSO can provide local relief by bonding with the natural CB2 receptors dispersed throughout your body. Just massage a drop of oil into the desired area of your skin.


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Brands: Dr. Jolly's
Founded and staffed by long time cannabis lovers. Dr Jolly’s relentlessly searches for strains and techniques to create and retain as many delicious, amazing terpenes as possible. We hope you enjoy our flower, extracts, and sauce as much as we enjoy growing and extracting them! #StayJolly
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