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Dr. Jolly’s Mendo Purp Crystals Concentrate


Hybrid    THC 90.89%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Carophyllene 0.7%     Humulene 0.2%


As crazy as it sounds, this is almost pure THC powder. Dr. Jolly’s Mendo Purp makes Crystals using fresh frozen whole buds and a pressurized chamber for the extracted material. This results in two dabbable products: Diamonds and Crystals. The difference between them? Diamonds are bigger—like rock candy—and Crystals are more like sand.

Mendocino Purps are named for the first county in the United States to decriminalize personal cannabis cultivation and use. Born in the foothills of Northern California, the color on these flowers resembles those purple mountains majesty all across its dank, fruity nugs. It tastes like a craft caramel macchiato and wakes you up just the same—as long as you don’t overdo it. 90% THC means the difference between one hit and two is extraordinary, so give it about five minutes between puffs to ensure proper dosage.

We recommend this strain for outdoor activities as long as you drink lots of water, or for spending a rainy day indoors working on your hobbies. It’s also great for socializing on long summer evenings.

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