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Dr. Jolly’s Papaya Cake Live Resin


Hybrid     THC 80.23%     

Primary Terpenes: 

∂-limonene 1.52 %     Linalool 0.74 %    β-caryophyllene 0.64%


Papaya Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, perfect for anyone who wants great-tasting dabs with potent effects that don’t leave you incapacitated for the rest of the day. It’s as enjoyable as it is delicious, with a tingly body high and a smooth cerebral calm that will give you a fresh perspective on life.

This strain was bred by crossing two insanely great strains, Papaya and Wedding Cake, and that’s where this flavorful tour-de-force begins. Papaya contributes a delightful tropical taste full of lemon and—you guessed it—papaya, while Wedding Cake adds a fine layer of sugary sweetness to every hit.

Live resin is made from freshly-harvested weed plants that have been flash-frozen before the curing process to preserve everything that makes Papya Cake so distinct. Before long, you’ll be enveloped in a relaxing, soothing high that’s perfect for swaying in a hammock, inner tubing down a river, or getting lost in your favorite RPG. It’s the perfect strain for a lazy summer afternoon whether you enjoy it alone or with friends.

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Brands: Dr. Jolly's
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