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Dr. Jolly’s White Runtz Premium Extract


Hybrid     THC 72.07%.    CBD <LOQ%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 3.02%    cis-β-Farnesene 2.34%    ∂-Humulene 0.87%


For an extract, White Runtz sure has a candy-sweet taste. Each hit is sugary, fruity, with a hint of pine for extra flavor. Dr. Jolly’s Premium Cannabis Extracts are made using high-quality trim and cannabis flowers ensuring a balanced terpene profile for ideal flavor. It’s even smooth on the exhale with a creamy vapor that’s great for blowing O-rings or otherwise fogging up the windows.

White Runtz is one of those rare strains that makes you feel the way you always thought weed would make you feel before you actually started smoking weed. Not the psychedelic borderline hallucinogenic stuff the way it’s depicted in movies, more like the laid back nothing-can-faze-you giggliness and euphoria. This is like hippy weed.

Expect a high that’s full of upbeat good vibes, both relaxing and creative at the same time. If you’ve never painted a mural with friends, this is a good strain to try it on. It’s got the right balance of creativity and spaciness to keep you conversational, collaborative, and constantly dreaming up new ideas.

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Brands: Dr. Jolly's
These guys go way back. Dr. Jolly’s refers both to the cultivars and to the retail location in Bend, Oregon that serves as central Oregon’s first state-licensed dispensary. They built their reputation on compassionate, locally-grown lab-tested cannabis, and the level of education they offer their customers along with their product. Dr. Jolly’s produces a staggering variety of flowers, edibles, extracts, and topicals, exploring the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer.There’s no singular Dr. Jolly, instead the name refers to the two brothers who founded Dr. Jolly’s. Jolly is the youngest, and he’s been cultivating medicinal cannabis for patients around Bend, Oregon, ever since 2007. You can’t buy that kind of experience! Often described as charismatic, energetic, and hard-working, no one takes more pride in their grow than Jolly. He has a natural knack for sniffing out fine herbs and growing each plant to its fullest potential. In 2011, Jolly’s 818 Headband strain won the High Times Medical Cup for its rush of creative, cerebral energy and lemon diesel flavor.Doctor is actually the older brother of the two. He used to be a materials engineer and editor of a science journal. When it was time for his brother’s passion project to turn pro, Doctor joined Jolly in Bend during 2013 to found Dr. Jolly’s in April of 2014—just six years before Pot Mates opened its doors. They grow all of their flower using no-till grow techniques and organic nutrients, raising their own worms so the plants grow up in living soil beds. This process reduces trash, recycles the soil, and produces the best-tasting flower possible.Dr. Jolly’s has the deepest roots in all of central Oregon’s cannabis communities, always on the lookout for new ways to share the benefits of cannabis with others. We’re proud to be working with them to bring their products directly to your door.
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