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Dr. Jolly’s Whoa Si Whoa Pre-Roll


Hybrid    THC 26.14%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Caryophyllene 0.3%     Limonene 0.3%     Linalool 0.2%


The first thing you should know about Dr. Jolly’s Whoa Si Whoa Pre-Rolls is that they are rolled from a very potent hybrid with a dense and complex terpene profile. Its flavor is just as rich and nuanced as the effect it brings—which can only be described as sublime. Even before you light it up, you’ll be able to detect notes of orange, cinnamon, and lavender. Once ignited, the air will be filled with a spicy aroma akin to incense.

The high is perfectly balanced, as all things should be, snaking up your spine to massage both sides of your brain. It’s deeply calming and relaxing at the same time, reaching to both ends of the hybrid spectrum for comfort and relief. Picture yourself in a hot tub with two cucumber slices over your eyes and a warm towel behind your neck. Imagine how comfortable that must feel, and then double it. That’s what smoking one of these feels like. Whoa-Si-Whoa comes in pre-rolls, so if you get two you can have one now and save one for later.

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