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Edibology White Chocolate Cannacube Cookies & Cream


THC 50 mg    CBD 10 mg

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


Edibology Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Cannacube are made with real chocolate cookies for an authentic taste. They’re enrobed in creamy white chocolate and dusted with a chocolate cookie crumble topping. Split each cube in half for a 5mg dose and you’ll have ten doses per package. Please bear in mind that edibles have a two-hour activation window and it is unwise to increase dosage during that time.

White Chocolate Cannacubes represent the latest technology in convenient, portable, delectable edibles that Edibology has to offer. The goal was to create something that was delicious and discreet to easily toss in a pocket or a backpack for daylong excursions.

What does that mean for you? Long days and pleasant nights. Like any edible, it takes about an hour or two to feel the effects, but White Chocolate Cannacubes are designed to augment the experience rather than be the main event. Whether you’re going hiking, rafting, or spreading out in the backseat on an epic spur-of-the-moment road trip, they’ll take away the burden of fatigue and soreness that might otherwise prevent you from living your best life.

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Edibology makes cannabis edibles that fit into your daily lifestyle. They provide the most value to their customers by creating small potent edibles using the highest quality ingredients. From blissful to calming, relieving to uplifting, their products offer a range of options for a personalized cannabis experience.
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