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EVOLVD Grape Crush CO2 Distillate


Hybrid    THC 85.7%    CBG 1.48%    CBD 0.22%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Some strains are so potent that they’ll hit you differently based on your level of tolerance and experience. Grape Crush is an enigma for this very reason. To people with high tolerance, it’s great for daydreaming, brainstorming, and cutting loose with their friends. To people with moderate or low tolerance, it can induce a heavy state of sleepiness. Still ultimately calming, but it may make you so calm you have to go to bed.

Grape Crush has a high that starts slow, taking as many as fifteen minutes to reach its full potential. Our advice is to take two hits and then give it time to sink in before trying any more, otherwise you might find yourself couchlocked for eleven hours. When your eyes start to feel tingly and your face feels flush, you’ll know it’s about to come on.

The plateau of the Grape Crush high comes with a weighty feeling in your arms, legs, and eyelids. If you can fight the sleepies, you’ll be able to surf the thermals of your thought bubbles like a falcon on a cloudy day. If not, well, you’ll have a really nice nap.

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