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Fire & Jane Cookies And Cream


Hybrid    THC 24.28%    

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


One thing 2020 taught us was the value of being able to socialize, and that’s what Cookie & Cream is all about. Joints are for bringing people together, and this five pack from Fire & Jane checks all the right boxes. First off, it’s reusable, recyclable, and comes with a secret roach coach for fresh leftovers. 50¢ from every purchase goes to charity.

Are you looking for something that is sociable and relaxing at the same time? Usually you have to knock back a couple of beers to achieve this level of comfort around other people, but Cookies & Cream offers a stimulating mental euphoria and an uplifting body high that will leave you perfectly primed for a night out with friends.

Its parents are Starfighter and the legendary GSC, which means it’s got a sweetly aromatic flavor with earthy undertones. This is not a discreet strain—people nearby are going to know you’re smoking herb. This isn’t a problem if you’re at a party that’s 4:20-friendly, but you do have to beware the occasional scavenger smoker. Then again, sharing is caring.

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Fire and Jane


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