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Forbidden Fruit


Hybrid     THC 25.55%      CBG 0.22%     

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Some strains are best enjoyed as nature intended: pure, sweet, combustible flower. Forbidden Fruit is so beautiful, fragrant, and tasty that no extract could possibly do it justice. Just look at it! The buds are dense with dark green leaves, purple hues of profound depth, and little wiry orange hairs that give it that exotic look.

Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid, crossing Cherry Pie with Tangie. Cherry Pie brings a musky flavor with sweet cherry overtones and Tangie brightens the whole affair with tropical notes of refreshing tangerine and lemon zest. This combination of lemon, cherry, and just a hint of pine is irresistible. Who knew weed could smell this good?

The smoke is incredibly smooth, making this one of our favorite nighttime strains. As long as you hit it gently, it’s not going to burn your throat or send you into fits of coughing. The high, on the other hand, is dreamy, heavy, and fast-acting. You’ll feel a sudden sense of peace followed by a body-melting physical high that will erase any memory of the pain outside of paradise.

Brands: LUVLI
LUVLI Farms is one of the reasons Oregon is world-renowned for the quality and potency of their cannabis. They’ve been in the business about as long as Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program has existed, starting in 2012. In spite of their success, LUVLI has been a proud anti-corporate cannabis business from the very beginning, adapting to the new regulations involved with legalization and still managing to come out on top.
Their business is cultivating the highest-quality cannabis flower they can manage and getting it in the hands of customers as fresh as possible. There are two words that best describe their underlying philosophy: small batch.
In the early days of medical cannabis production in Oregon, grow facilities were limited by the number of plants they could cultivate at any one time. That meant that each plant had to be individually cared for and nurtured to produce the best strains with the healthiest buds. Now, recreational regulations limit cultivation by canopy square footage, which means growers can get more plants into the same area to maximize yield.
LUVLI has never been about maximizing yield. They want every ounce they grow to be as flavorful and potent as the next with rare and unique genetics you don’t find many other places, like Leftovers and Forbidden Fruit. LUVLI’s grow operation focuses on fewer, larger plants, so they can care for each one individually.
The cornerstone of their quality is their curing process, which is also performed with “small batch” mentality. All the material from harvest is cured in the same room with carefully dialed in temperature and humidity to ensure optimal results.
Working with small batches means LUVLI is never sitting on extra weight or stagnant inventory. Their flower always reaches their retail partners as fresh as can be because LUVLI doesn’t grow more than they have demand for. Pot Mates is proud to be one of those select partners bringing LUVLI to our customers.
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