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Decibel LOUDS Ghost Train Haze Infused Pre-roll


Hybrid    THC 19.03    CBD <LOQ    

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


You’re going to love the way this joint smells. It’s sweet, piney, with just enough lemon and spice to convince you that you can’t wait to actually light it up and smoke it. Ghost Train Haze is world-famous after representing the “Strongest Strains on Earth” in High Times magazine. It’s a sativa-leaning hybrid that can take even the most experienced users by surprise.

Ghost Train Haze starts off with an uplifting euphoria that might make you think it’s good for mid-morning or late afternoon, but where it really shines is late at night. It tickles your imagination in all the right spots which, coupled with the body-stone feeling of its indica roots, create a condition quite conducive to catching z’s.


What makes it LOUD? It’s coated in terpene oil, then dusted with powdered blonde hash or straight-up kief, giving you the best of all three worlds. That little bit of extra oomf means you should probably save this joint for a special occasion, when you can share it with friends, or when you have an especially empty evening schedule.

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Decibel Farms was founded in 2015 by two lifelong friends, Shawn Bishop and Buddy Wilson, and they represent the perfect fusion of natural harmony and technological prowess. Bishop built his career within an organic garden center and aquaponics store in Austin, Texas, where he received a USDA grant to research vegetative compost made from organic hays, grasses and grains. Wilson worked in the tech world before migrating to cannabis, and together they have a combined fifty years of business and cannabis experience.The five-acre farm can be found deep in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, surrounded by Siskiyou Mountains. After twenty years of cultivating cannabis, they know this is the best environment for it. It turns out marijuana and grapes have the same taste in climate and grow particularly well here in the Pacific Northwest. They both benefit from an early spring, extended summer, and long fall. Decibel Farms specializes in sustainably sungrown cannabis with a holistic approach to pest and disease management. Their unique soil system introduces fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and protozoans to the cultivation environment which allows the cannabis plants to form their own robust responses.Decibel Farms is composed of a family of craft growers and extract artists whose goal is to put their love of cannabis into everything they do. They select strains for their potency and their unique terpene profiles, ensuring the highest decibel level possible. They even use a microscope to evaluate and improve their soil biology on a regular basis.This attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. Decibel Farms has made the pedestal at the Oregon Grower's Cup, taking 1st place for their sungrown flower and 2nd place for their solventless extract. They also placed second for infused pre-roll at the 2018 Dope Cup. Their LOUDS line of pre-rolls takes the idea of a whole-plant product to the next level. Each flower-filled joint is coated with a solventless rosin and dusted with high-quality kief, all made from the same strain.
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