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Donny Burger# 8 $50.00$340.00

Glitterati #6


Hybrid- Indica    THC 31.27%     

Grown by Eugreen Farms

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Put on those shades and wave to yesterday, this bud is so sparkly it might hurt your eyes to look at it directly. Don’t look to the skies, as they’re likely to be just as bright. Glitterati #6 tests at 31% THC, and the reason why is plainly visible. Just look at all those pearly trichomes!

There was a time when the only way to estimate the quality of a bud was by looking at it and smelling it, and buds like these are exactly the kind we like to find. That soft green color and all of that glitter signify a smoke that goes down smooth and a high that hits heavy.

Put your nose in it and you’ll notice Glitterati #6 has a sharp lemony odor with notes of coffee and cake. While definitely better in a bong, it’s tasty enough to enjoy in a blunt or a one-hitter. With such potency, one hit is probably all you need, and Glitterati #6 is best enjoyed after you’re done doing important stuff for the day.

Brands: Eugreen
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