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Green Dragon Bruce Banner 5pk Pre-Rolls


Hybrid     THC 24.94%     CBG 0.15%         CBD 0.09%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.68%     Limonene 0.52%     α-humulene 0.23%


Look, you’re not yourself when you’re angry and no one understands that better than this strain’s namesake. Bruce Banner is all about calming down and relaxing after a long day of smashing evil. It smells funky—like diesel with a tinge of lemon—but tastes a bit more like skunk, revealing the strain’s inner complexity.

The high comes on hard and heavy, just like the other guy. It might start strong, but it quickly mellows out into a relaxing body high that helps you manage anything that might otherwise get your goat. You’ll experience a decompressing sensation in your deep muscle tissue that will help take your mind off anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Some even experience a creative euphoria that pairs nicely with homework, teamwork, or theoretical physics. 

The Three Pack has two half-gram joints for personal consumption and one full gram for sharing with your pod, and the Five Pack is a whole eighth that adds another joint of each size.


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Brands: Green Dragon
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