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Green Dragon Critical Mass 3pk Pre-Rolls


Hybrid     THC 10.59%     CBD 5.74%       

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


The buds of Critical Mass are so dank and heavy it would be a shame to make an extract from them. No, to fully appreciate the nuances of this wonderful flower, it has to be smoked the old-fashioned way. Pop open a pack of these prerolls and you’ll be greeted with a pungent, earthy smell that carries detectable notes of sweetness and citrus. It’s a tasty smoke too, not too harsh, not too light.

The low THC content coupled with a moderate dose of CBD means you won’t have to worry about the anxiety or paranoia of its sativa lineage. Critical Mass is more of a creativity-booster, something to stimulate the imagination without putting you in a trance. You’ll definitely feel like lying down if you smoke a lot of it, but you’ll be more likely to get lost in a book than risk falling asleep.

The Three Pack has two half-gram joints for personal consumption and one full gram for sharing with your pod, and the Five Pack is a whole eighth that adds another joint of each size.

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Brands: Green Dragon
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