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Green Dragon Dragon Glue 3pk Pre-Rolls


Hybrid     THC 23.86%     CBG 0.06%         CBD 0.04%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.25%   β-myrcene 0.81%    Limonene 0.49%


Dragon Glue is the perfect hybrid. It’s the sativa for people who don’t like sativa. It’s the indica for people who don’t like indica. If you’re trying to persuade someone to comfortably branch out of their comfort zone, this is the strain to do it. On the outside you’ll be calm, cool, and relaxed, but on the inside you’ll be popping and bubbly. It ripples up your spine and wraps around your brain from the back to the front. 

Dragon Glue’s flavor is very light, but the distinguished palate can detect a delightfully woody, almost piney flavor. One hit and it widens your eyes, loosens your spine, and melts through your entire body. The high starts with a boost of energy that quickly mellows out and can leave you a puddle on the floor if you smoke enough of it.

The Three Pack has two half-gram joints for personal consumption and one full gram for sharing with your pod, and the Five Pack is a whole eighth that adds another joint of each size.

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Brands: Green Dragon
Founded in 2018, Green Dragon Extracts works exclusively with local growers to find the most unique cannabis strains. The best extraction methods in the world won’t wring quality from sub-par bud, so it’s important for the flower to be potent, fragrant, and clean. Green Dragon refines only organic cannabis flowers to ensure purity from the very beginning, and their solventless extract process means the only thing you’re vaporizing is cannabis oil.
The team at Green Dragon has more than thirty years of combined experience and the result is an inimitably smooth vape. Using a proprietary non-hydrocarbon subcritical extraction process, Green Dragon is able to persevere the natural terpene profile without losing any of the more heat-sensitive compounds to a supercritical process. The result is a full-spectrum CO2 oil that offers an authentic flavor that stays true to the actual flower itself with 100% strain-specific terpenes. This is the closest you can get to vaporizing the plant matter itself, but with none of the harmful carcinogens associated with combustion.
At the heart of Green Dragon’s priorities are safety, convenience, and control. Solventless extraction methods are nothing new, but where Green Dragon really sets itself apart in the vaporizer market is with their innovative vape cartridge design. Each cartridge is manufactured without glued components, using silicone gaskets to provide superior safety and efficiency. At the base is a twist valve carburetor for minute control over air flow. A proper carb can make the difference between being overwhelmed by too much smoke and having a smooth, even balance.
We love Green Dragon Extracts and their focus on health, safety, and wellbeing. They share Pot Mates’s goal of bringing health- and wellness-minded cannabis products to the public so that everyone can live their best life.
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