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Hapy Kitchen Infused Indica Pre-Roll


Hybrid     THC 35.8%    CBN 0.03%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Some people think that there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or holiday than to finish off a satisfying meal with a scrumptious plate of lava cake, and this strain is an ode to everything we love about that decadent dessert. Just like a chocolate bundt cake gushing with molten fudge, Lava Cake starts strong and only gets better from there.

Lava Cake tastes a lot like chocolate and is loaded with cakey terpenes that give it sugary doughy flavor. Discerning palates will also detect notes of mint and earth that give it its distinctively smooth finish. Hapy coats this preroll in Wedding Cake kief, stuck to the paper with Bubba Kush cannabis oil.

The result is a tour-de-force that offers long lasting physical relief and a euphoric head high that bursts with cerebral energy, creative thought, and just enough munchies to ensure you’ll still be hungry for dessert. Make no mistake, this is one of the most potent prerolls we’ve had the privilege to share, so it’s best reserved for special occasions.

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Brands: Hapy Kitchen

Hapy Kitchen was founded in 2019 and immediately struck a chord with the Portland Cannabis community. They won that year's Oregon High Times Cannabis Cup in the CBD Edible category for their 1:1 Coffeelicious Caramel, which is definitely the right ratio. Their confections have gone on to win more awards. They took the 202 Cannabis Cup in Edibles overall for their Chocolate Brownie and won the "Cookies" category in the 2021 CannaChef Edibles Cup. 

They produce artisan baked goods like truffles, chocolate bars, and brownies, as well as sweet treats like hard candies and their "Fruit Smackers." Each of their edibles is made with superior ingredients to avoid off-putting scents, bitter-tasting artificial flavors, and the stomach aches that are brought on by some edibles with less of an attention to detail. 

Better ingredients are the secret to a better high, so Hapy Kitchen maintains classic traditions like hand-topping their caramels with espresso and placing a white chocolate chip in the center of every dough ball that bakes into their Chocolate Supreme cookie. Each recipe is dreamed up by Head Chef Carla Burns (not to be confused with Carla Bruni), who used to work for Salt & Straw in Portland. For years, she has delighted in combining different food ingredients and cannabis strains to dream up new flavors, experiences, and effects to similarly delight consumers. 

They also make some of the most versatile strain-specific tinctures on the market. What's the secret to their versatility? They're completely flavorless, vegan, and gluten-free, so they can be quickly and easily added to any homemade edible recipe, beverage, or other creation. 

Hapy Kitchen strives to make the perfect edible that is both completely delicious and generates predictable effects. They use Oregon-sourced cannabis to create focused-spectrum edibles using True Terpenes™. The result is an entourage effect of both flavor and high that combine to make an indulgent and memorable experience. Everyone can agree with Hapy Kitchen's slogan that "Laughter is the Best Medicine."

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