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Imperial Eagle


Hybrid     THC 22.4%        

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Imperial Eagle reminds us why good old-fashioned flower is better than even the best extracts. You’ll instantly notice strong flavors of pine and citrus as soon as you take your first hit, and the flavor lingers long after you exhale. This is a very smooth smoke, a welcome relief from some of the harsher flowers out there. Don’t you just love a good Indica?

Imperial Eagle is a cross between Screaming Eagle and Romulan, because sometimes you want to be as chill as a December morning without actually hibernating until Spring. This strain will keep you teetering back and forth on the tipping point between blissfully capable and couch-locked for the foreseeable future.

Screaming Eagle was originally bred to help people who experience anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders manage their mood and maintain their productivity. To balance it out Romulan offers a deeply sedative body high. Some people find that Imperial Eagle makes them sleepy, but they probably just smoked too much because of how delicious it is. Everything in moderation!

Brands: LUVLI
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