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Hybrid   THC 25.2%     CBG 0.3%

Grown by LOWD

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


This is from the tippy top of the top shelf, one of those rare strains that make us so grateful we got into the business. Pot Mates Connoisseur Collection consists of the finest flower from the greatest craft growers in Oregon, grown with extreme care and meticulously cured. These flowers are pungent and exotic, sparkling with trichomes, and overflowing with terpenes.

Look at these buds! They display more greenery than you would find in Forest Park, accented with little flourishes of purple and small patches of white. The flowers are fluffy and sparkling white with the trichomes that frost every surface. Jellysicle is a delightful after-dinner treat, as enjoyable as it is simply beautiful to behold. Break up the buds, and what you smell is what you’ll taste.

The high from Jellysicle comes on slowly, a reminder that the best things in life come to those who wait. A slow-acting mental euphoria rises like a pleasant surprise from the back of your mind and the body buzz surrounds you like warm velvet, enveloping you in a sense of calm from tip to toe.

People like Jellysicle for night hikes, getting to sleep after an active day, or just lounging around the house doing nothing. This time of year, it’s the perfect complement to cloudy skies, near-freezing temperatures, and refrigerators overflowing with leftovers. We recommend pairing it with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate and extra marshmallows.



Brands: LOWD
LOWD is a phenomenal cannabis company that represents Pacific Northwestern urban cannabis culture with class and style. They strive to exist at the intersection of urban culture and epic nature that you can only find in Portland. That starts with a respect for the rich history of marijuana and the process of bringing it to market.Jesce Horton and Dave Murray, LOWD's founders, spent decades sampling the best landrace strains and most ingenious hybrids from all over the world. Separately, they each started growing in their own basements during the early 2000's medical cannabis revolution. Now they hand-select and approve each strain that LOWD cultivates with the goal of bringing their favorite genetics to the people who would enjoy them the most.They built a crew full of people with deep but diverse roots in the cannabis industry. There are people also got started with their own home grows and others who have years of experience working in commercial warehouse facilities. LOWD has dedicated teams for cultivation, operations, and maintenance tasks.LOWD's signature line is their Smoke Like A Grower (SLAG™) series, the tippy top of the cola on the highest shelf in the shop. LOWD's SLAG strains come in collectible, ultraviolet-resistant glass jars to preserve the underlying integrity of the buds and keep everything as fresh as possible. LOWD believes that the best thing about being a cannabis grower is smoking like one, and that means focusing on the highest-quality genetics, a meticulous hand-trimming process, and precision curing.Of course, it's not enough just to grow fire cannabis—and LOWD knows it. They believe that a responsible weed farm needs to uplift the people who have sacrificed their freedom and their lives during cannabis prohibition and work to repair the harms done by the failed War on Drugs. They support the Nu Leaf Project in Portland, an organization working to increase inclusion and community restoration, the Resource Innovation Institute, which works to make the indoor agriculture industry more sustainable and efficient, and the Oregon Cannabis Association, a leading force in the growth of small businesses within the Oregon cannabis market.
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