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Johnny Oil Seed Watermelon Runtz/ Polynesian Cake CO2 (2pk)


This two-pack from Johnny Oil Seed consists of two extracts that have been intentionally paired together, like cheese with a fine wine. Each cartridge is individually labeled so you don’t mix them up and contains half a gram of extract.

Watermelon Runtz

Hybrid     THC 75.9%     CBC 1.46%         CBG 1.04%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.83%    Terpinolene 0.67%    Linalool 0.19%    


Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Watermelon Runtz is a classic “oiltail” from Johnny Oil Seed produced by mixing extracts from Watermelon and Runtz. It has a sweet, spicy flavor that’s full of tropical fruit and pungent gas.

Watermelon Runtz offers up a bright, uplifted high that will make you giggly and tingly at the same time. It’s equally great for pre-gaming and after-parties, or any other time you want to chill out without being knocked down for the count.


Polynesian Cake

Hybrid     THC 86.6%     CBG 1.79%         CBC 0.84%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-caryophyllene 2.43%   Terpinolene 0.29%    Linalool 0.2%


Polynesian Cake is another of Johnny Oil Seed’s signature “oiltails,” a combination of extracts from different strains that, when paired together, make for a delicious vape and an enjoyable lifted experience. While the specific composition of Polynesian Cake is unknown, its flavor profile and potent effect leave no room for doubt: this is a delicacy.

You’ll notice a spicy, woody flavor that tickles the back of your throat on the inhale, but it softens out to more sweet and savory taste as you breathe it back out. Polynesian Cake is great for any time of day, delivering a rejuvenative body high without making your mind feel too cloudy.

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