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Junk Holy Moly-O’s


THC 25 mg    

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


It’s really not fair for something so powerful to be so delicious. Each of these Holy Moly-O’s contains 25mg of full-spectrum THC-dominant cannabis oil and that means you should start small unless you already have a lot of experience with edibles. We recommend eating a standard bite (about ⅕ of a cookie) and waiting an hour to feel the effects if you’re unsure. People with higher tolerance may be able to eat a whole cookie in one sitting.

Then prepare to be lifted to a whole ‘nother plane of bliss and serenity. Holy Moly-O’s are dark-chocolate covered chocolate sandwich cookies with delicious creme filling in the center that will remind you of another classic treat we’re not allowed to mention for legal reasons. (Hint: the name rhymes with Moly-O’s!) 

The chocolate coating is where all the THC lives, but the sprinkles on top are just for a little bit of extra fun. We recommend picking up a package of the double-stuffed other stuff so you can keep snacking once you’re lifted.

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Brands: Junk
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