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Junk Marshmallow SUPER Bon Bons


THC 50 mg    

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


Take everything you know and love about the sweet and salty taste of S’Mores, then double it. That is Junk Marshmallow SUPER Bon Bons. Now imagine if it was vegan and it also got you stoned. Is your mouth watering yet? It should be!

JUNK Marshmallow Super Bon Bons feature two highly potent dessert treats in every package. Each one is a delicious hand-crafted marshmallow enrobed in high-THC dark chocolate and sprinkled with just a little bit of chocolate salt to help the flavor go down better. 

Be careful with these though, each of these Super Bon Bons is infused with 20-25mg of THC derived from clean Siskiyou Sungrown cannabis oil extract. If you’re new to edibles, one bite (⅕ a Bon Bon) will be enough to relax every bone and muscle in your body. Half a Super Bon Bon might put you right to sleep. People with high tolerance prefer this level of activity though, because it means they only have to eat one to feel the full effects. Still, better safe than higher than you wanted to be.

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Brands: Junk
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