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Junk Peanut Butter Butterfly Bars


THC 35.92 mg    CBD 57.52 mg

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable

These fun-sized chocolate bars are delicious, organic, plant-based, and potent. Each one contains a crispy peanut butter candy center enrobed in dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt to bring out the sweetness. They’re wheat free, dairy free, and soy free, so they’re perfect for people with dietary restrictions.

Junk Butterfly Bars are made with premium cannabis oil extracted from Siskiyou Sungrown cannabis. Each bar contains 15mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. The 3:2 cannabinoid ratio means you’ll feel all of the calming, sedative effects of this soothing high with no paranoia or anxiety. We recommend starting with just half a bar to see how you feel. More experienced users who know their tolerance may prefer eating a whole bar to appreciate the full effects. Remember that it can take up to two hours to kick in.

What could make this box of chocolates even better? With Junk by Leif, you know what you’re going to get. Leif works hard to ensure that every ingredient that goes into their chocolate is sustainably sourced, organic, and fair trade. You should feel good about what you put in your body.

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