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Junk Sour Orange Dynamites


Hybrid    THC 44.7 mg    CBD 3.07 mg   

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


These Sour Orange Dynamites Popping Candy are like a party in your mouth where everyone is getting high. It pops, it sizzles, it explodes with flavor to remind you that the best part of edibles is having fun. This is an innovative departure from the world of chocolates and hard candies we’re used to.

Each packet is packed with ten grams of lifted flavor crystals bursting with potent cannabis extract. There’s about 4mg of THC and about 1/2 mg of CBD in every serving. Let them dissolve in your mouth and soon you’ll feel that gentle tingle everywhere. Sour Orange Dynamites Popping Candy offer a high that’s balanced between mental and physical effects, great for non-drowsy daytime relief from everyday problems.

It’s pretty tasty stuff, too. The sour orange comes through sweet and tart, with a refreshing flavor that will make you want to eat more. Don’t eat the whole packet in one go or it’ll be the last thing you do today. Edibles take about an hour to kick in, so enjoy this Popping Candy one spoon at a time until you get a feel for your personal tolerance threshold.

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Brands: Junk
Leif Goods was founded in 2014 on the simple premise that it’s important to know what you put in your body, and they take that responsibility seriously. It’s not enough to make an unimaginably tasty batch of chocolate, they also want it to nourish you in some small way, and be made with ingredients that you can feel good about. Everything Leif Goods puts into their chocolate bars and other tasty treats is sourced to be fair trade, organic, and as sustainable as possible. Many of their recipes are exclusively plant-based to be compatible with ethical eating as well.
Cannabis is a challenging flavor to work with, but chocolate provides the perfect canvas for a number of different avenues for self-expression. Leif Goods approaches the task with a full awareness of people’s spirit of fun, appreciation of quality, and the desire to have their curiosity satisfied. They push the boundaries asking all the important questions like, “What if exploding rock candy also got you high?” “Couldn’t we dip a chocolate creme cookie in more chocolate, then add sprinkles, and give it 25mg of THC?” and “Wait a minute, there are VEGAN marshmallows? And nobody’s thought to imbue them with a 3:2 CBD extract before covering them with chocolate and a little sprinkle of salt?”
That desire for satisfaction extends to their approach to cannabinoids as well. Leif Goods wants to offer a high that’s more about relaxing the body than tickling the mind, so most of their confections have a CBD ratio of at least 1:1. The goal for you to enjoy a delectable dessert treat first and foremost, but make that merely the jumping off point of a new positive direction for your day.
One more thing we love about Leif Goods is their commitment to social justice. In June 2018, they created a campaign to donate $1 for every chocolate bar sold to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which is an organization helping kids who have been separated from their parents at the Mexican-American border. That’s the kind of activism we want to see from more cannabis companies out there.
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