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LOL Wild Cherry Sour Belts


Hybrid    THC 53 mg   

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


Wild Cherry Sour Belts offer a powerful burst of fruity flavor to start with, underscored by a mouthpuckering finish. The belts are stretchy, chewy, and bursting with flavor crystals. You can tell how sour these things are just by looking at them—your mouth is already watering!

This is the kind of edible you can really snack on, too. Half of each strip contains 4.4mg of THC so we recommend starting there unless you know your tolerance is higher, in which case eat a whole one!

After about an hour, you’ll be blissed out and relaxed—and probably a little thirsty. Time will melt into a pleasant continuum, letting you drift through the day carefree. Make sure you don’t have anything else important to do before you dose, otherwise you’ll have to deal with some rescheduling and you’ll be in no position to make appointments.

Weed gummies are tricky to pull off because they don’t naturally come with the same concentration of fats you find in other edibles like chocolate or hard candies, but these Sour Belts from LOL Edibles do the trick. They’re made with palm, corn, and coconut oil to provide a smooth base for the cannabinoids to bond to, and their punchy flavor keeps the cannabis taste to a minimum.

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Brands: LOL Edibles
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