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London Pound Mints


Hybrid- Sativa     THC 27.43%     CBD 0.09%

Grown by Eugreen Farms

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.48%   ∂-limonene 0.27%    Linalool 0.22%


Hey, did you see something strange over there? Maybe it was nothing. Sometimes smoking weed can stimulate your imagination to the point that nothing is what it seems anymore, and if you enjoy that state of questioning everything, you’re going to love London Pound Mints. Everything might seem normal on the surface, but cannabis has the power to peel back the illusion and let you see things you never noticed before.

London Pound Mints is a cross between London Poundcake and Kush Mints, resulting in a delectable flavor you won’t find anyplace else combined with a swirling, mysterious high that will keep you coming back to the bowl for more. It tastes sweet and sugary with notes of spicy coffee, earthy woods, and a pronounced minty aftertaste.

You’ll feel London Pound Mints first in your spine as a warming tingle fills you with a sense of relaxation and curiosity. As the world around you melts into the background, you’ll be transported to new heights of imaginative thought. London Pound Mints is the ideal strain for daydreaming, night dreaming, or just getting back to sleep.

Brands: Eugreen
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