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Magic Hour GMO Pre Rolls (5pk)


Hybrid     THC 27.2%     CBG 0.12%    

Primary Terpenes: 

∂-limonene 1.15%    β-myrcene 0.49%    β-caryophyllene 0.26%


GMO is the product of two heavy-hitting [indica][2]-dominant hybrids—[Chemdawg][3] and GSC—and the result is a long-lasting high that will keep you serenely smiling all day…as long as you don’t smoke too much of it. GMO has a pungent, spicy aroma that lingers in your mouth long after it’s gone. Its taste is somewhere between garlic and coffee, so that may not be a bad thing. Add some incense to your tub room and indulge in the aromatherapeutic atmosphere.

Beginners may find it a bit overwhelming. We want it to chill you out, not knock you out! Ideally, GMO will make you feel totally relaxed with a deep sense of peace and calm that is perfect for meditating, yoga, reconnecting with nature, or marinating in a luxurious bubble bath. While the mind relaxes, the body experiences a heavy sedative effect, not unlike the afterglow of a deep-tissue massage.

Magic Hour Cannabis grows their flower indoors and without pesticides. This pack of prerolls comes with five 0.5g joints, and the box is made of locally- and sustainably-sourced hemp. PotMates delivers within Portland city limits for free with no minimums.

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