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Platinum Kush Breath Live Badder Concentrate


Indica     THC 68.51%.    CBD <LOQ%

Primary Terpenes: 

Limonene 2.56%     β-Caryophyllene 2.03%     α-Humulene .68%

Platinum Kush Breath is a true rock star, named for the glittering trichomes that make its flowers look like a rhinestone cowboy. It comes on with a strong cerebral high that melts down into a body-numbing weighty feeling. Tread carefully, because this can creep up on you and you don’t want to end up higher than you wanted to be.

The solid balance of limonene and caryophyllene gives Willamette Valley Alchemy’s Platinum Kush breath its spicy fruity flavor and contributes to a sense of cognitive clarity that works great to make your dreams sparkle with lucidity. This is a great nighttime strain for drifting off into a serene slumber, but it’s equally lovely for twilit strolls through the city.

Willamette Valley Alchemy creates truly unique hydrocarbon-based cannabis extractions using custom solvents. They focus on terpene preservation, made from the highest-grade cannabis sourced within the Willamette Valley.

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