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Rainbow Crush


Hybrid     THC 29.4%     CBG 0.08%         

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 0.74%    ∂-limonene 0.51%    β-caryophyllene 0.31%


Is it too much to ask that beautiful marijuana have a sweet personality, too? We don’t think so, and if you like the perfect balance of a gorgeous flower and a breathtaking high, you’re going to love Rainbow Crush. It’s fabulous.

A 50-50 hybrid that straddles the line between Indica and Sativa, Rainbow Crush offers long-lasting effects that are perfect for lounging around on your day off. It’s a lifted sensation with cresting waves of euphoria that sweep through you for the full length of the high. Some people find it makes them feel lazy, but they just need to learn to relax a little.

Rainbow Crush is the result of a cross between Rainbow Kush and Orange Crush—and you can tell by the flavor. The flower smells citrusy and a little sweet—just like orange soda—but once you smoke it, the flavor takes on a darker, skunky taste. Don’t worry, the fruity notes come back on the exhale, leading you to hit it again and again.

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