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Select & Belushi Farms The Psychiatrist


Hybrid     THC 85.2%     CBG 2.48%         CBC 0.36%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.11%   β-myrcene 0.73%    α-limonene 0.58%


Come on in and have a seat. Take load off. You look stressed. Maybe it would help to talk about it? All you need to get going is a couple of puffs from Belushi Farms The Psychiatrist. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get something off your chest. Maybe having a lie-down would help you put some words to your feelings.

The Psychiatrist is made from Purple Pineapple crossed with Afghan, and it’ll have you laid out on the couch in no time. Purple Pineapple gives you a boost of euphoria at the onset (you can thank Pineapple Express for that) but then the body buzz creeps in to tell you there’s some restful sleep in your future.

But you don’t have to go straight to bed. This strain is also great for after a session with your actual therapist. Sometimes everything is a lot to process and The Psychiatrist helps you stay relaxed with a fruity tang and an earthy aftertaste. It’s like aromatheraphy combined with CBG to complement your CBT.

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