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Select Cliq Battery


Select has really done something neat with Cliq. It is the result of years of research and development with one goal in mind: creating an innovative high-quality vaporizer that is durable, convenient, and comfortable. Using a rechargeable battery and interchangeable Pods, Cliq delivers a vape with unparalleled refinement.

This battery has three voltage settings, (2.8, 3.2, and 3.6,) which allow you to dial in the perfect temperature. Low voltage lets you taste all the delicious terpenes contained within Select’s Elite oils while higher voltages produce voluminous clouds of vapor. We recommend keeping it on low or medium to get the full range of flavor. The battery is encased in an extruded stainless steel shell for durability and coated in a matte-finish automotive grade paint for a distinctive feel.

It charges with USB-C so you don’t have to keep up with extra cables. For convenience and security, Cliq Pods connect to the battery with high powered magnets that give it that signature “click” when it all comes together. The best part is that it’s breath-activated so there’s no risk of it coming on in your pocket or bag and wasting oil.

This battery is free with the purchase of at least one Select Cliq Pod. One battery per order, and or customer while supplies last.

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Brands: Select
Select started in 2015 with a clear and simple purpose: they wanted to make a better vaporizer cartridge. Founder Cameron Forni's roommate was having insane coughing fits whenever he vaped, and it led them both to believe there was something in the construction of vaporizer cartridges that made them so uncomfortable, and that a better cartridge was possible. Select was born from the necessity to innovate around existing vape technology and create an option that was as safe as humanly possible.The main concern Select had with other cartridges was the presence of silica wicks in their heating elements. After doing some research and development, Select found a special organic cotton fiber from Japan that minimized irritation during vaping, and built out their business from there.Select's potent extracts are created using a food-grade ethanol hash oil extraction process which preserves as many cannabinoids as possible from the original plant. All of the ethanol is evaporated off before being processed into the final product.Each batch of extract goes through a full battery of testing to make sure of that. In fact, Select's internal standards for potency and pesticides are more stringent than state compliance requirements in a lot of places, and all of their compounds are free from vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and Vitamin E acetate.They test the heck out of their cartridges, too. The cartridges are hand-filled to ensure quality and then pass through four quality control stations so that only the ones that pass inspection are released for sale. They're made with a ceramic core to evenly distribute heat to the oil, which increases the quality and volume of the vapor. Those Japanese organic cotton wicks are unbleached to preserve the integrity of the flavor.Select also creates close partnerships with cannabis farmers that are built with intent, integrity, and transparency from the ground up. The best quality vaporizer comes from the best quality extract, which in turn comes from the best quality farms. One of their recent partnerships has been with Belushi Farms, resulting in the delicious Rewrite and thought-provoking Psychiatrist cartridges.
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