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Select Elite & Belushi Farms Captain Jack’s Live Resin


Indica     THC 80.85%     CBD 0.0%         

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 1.71%    Limonene 0.08%    β-caryophyllene 0.23%


No sparrows were involved in the creation of Select Elite Belushi Farms’ Captain Jack’s, instead it was inspired by the legendary cannabis cultivar who, in 1966, grew marijuana in front of his school’s security house. A student of forestry and landscape architecture, Captain Jack has had one 40-year mission: to perfect and protect a unique strain from the Northeast region of Afghanistan. It was called Gulzar Afghanica, which means “Garden of Afghanica”. Captain Jack brought it with him to visit his friends at Saturday Night Live and filled 30 Rockefeller Plaza with its aroma.

Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica has a nickname: Herowanna, so called because it offers a giddy, elated high with almost no risk of anxiety or paranoia. This is rare—an Indica that stimulates? A weed that activates, but doesn’t provoke nervousness? Select Elite Belushi Farms Captain Jack is an Indica that vapes like a Sativa, with an indefinable and inimitable odor of skunk, spice, and just a twist of lemon. It’s one of Belushi Farms’s signature exclusive strains, and has been widely coveted ever since its introduction to America forty years ago.

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Yep, it's *that* Belushi, from Blues Brothers. Believe it or not, Jim Belushi didn't move to the Rogue Valley to start a cannabis company. He had a transformative, almost spiritual experience while visiting with his family, transfixed by the beauty of the Rogue River and the other natural wonders Oregon has to offer. After buying a plot of land, he refurbished the buildings that were there (it was an old Elks Lodge picnic site) and built a house for his family using reclaimed and re-purposed wood. There was a 93-acre farm directly behind the property and it was owned by a friendly couple of people named Charlie and Becca. They all became such good friends that when Becca passed away, she wanted the Belushis to have it.What do you do with 93 acres? Jim Belushi has always believed in the healing power of cannabis, so he decided to "let the Spirit of the Land and the Water Spirit of the Rogue River irrigate and grow this powerful cannabis medicine." In 2015, he started Belushi's Farm in Shady Cove, right along the Rogue River in southern Oregon, to continue his advocacy for the positive medical and spiritual benefits of cannabis.All of the flower at Belushi's Farm is sun-grown, all natural, and overseen by a small group of dedicated cultivators. They focus on growing potent and effective bud, each designed with a specific benefit in mind. Take Captain Jack's, for example. They didn't choose it because it had a high yield or a low production cost, they chose it because Captain Jack believed Gulzar Afghanica (translated as "Garden of Afghanica") was the purest strain of cannabis in the world. It comes straight from the Northeast region of Afghanistan, where cannabis is historically believed to have originated. And it's a great high too—narcotic with almost zero anxiety."Belushi's Secret Stash" and "The Blues Brothers" collections are full of some of the best-tasting and best-cared-for flower in the state.
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