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Select Elite & Belushi Farms Captain Jack’s


Indica     THC 83.3%     CBG 3.98%         CBC 0.70%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-myrcene 1.13%     β-caryophyllene 0.77%     Limonene 0.36%


No sparrows were involved in the creation of Select Elite Belushi Farms’ Captain Jack’s, instead it was inspired by the legendary cannabis cultivar who, in 1966, grew marijuana in front of his school’s security house. A student of forestry and landscape architecture, Captain Jack has had one 40-year mission: to perfect and protect a unique strain from the Northeast region of Afghanistan. It was called Gulzar Afghanica, which means “Garden of Afghanica”. Captain Jack brought it with him to visit his friends at Saturday Night Live and filled 30 Rockefeller Plaza with its aroma.

Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica has a nickname: Herowanna, so called because it offers a giddy, elated high with almost no risk of anxiety or paranoia. This is rare—an Indica that stimulates? A weed that activates, but doesn’t provoke nervousness? Select Elite Belushi Farms Captain Jack is an Indica that vapes like a Sativa, with an indefinable and inimitable odor of skunk, spice, and just a twist of lemon. It’s one of Belushi Farms’s signature exclusive strains, and has been widely coveted ever since its introduction to America forty years ago.

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