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Select Elite & Belushi Farms Chocolate Hashberry


Hybrid     THC 83.9%     CBG 2.45%         CBC 0.44%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.20%   β-myrcene 0.762%    α-humulene 0.352%


Select Elites Belushi Farms Chocolate Hashberry is such a well-represented hybrid that it defies categorization. Some phenotypes are great for putting you to sleep with the sweetest technicolor dreams—like a musical waltz through candy land with sugarplum fairies. Others, like this one from Belushi Farms, offer a peace and serenity you can only get from a hybrid.

It’s a cross between two Kushes—Chocolate and Blackberry—and this gives it the piquant taste of a Black Forest gâteau cake straight from France. You’ll find notes of sweet berries, cocoa, and spicy hash. It’s such a delightful flavor and aroma that you won’t mind the fact that it lingers.

Speaking of minds, Chocolate Hashberry will soothe yours by lifting your mood, assuaging your concerns, and banishing dark spirits from the farthest reaches of your mind. This is a vape that can restore peace and balance to the universe, both to you who inhale it and to anyone else who’s lucky enough to catch a whiff. Expect feelings of relaxation, happiness, and light sedation.


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