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Select Elite Chemdawg 1 Gram Cartridge


Hybrid- Sativa     THC 81.9%     CBD 0.47%       

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 0.41%    Limonene 0.18%    Humulene 0.11%


The only thing more notorious than Chemdawg is Biggie. This is the source material for such notable strains as Sour Diesel and Jet Fuel. It’s more OG than OG Kush! Chemdawg is a sativa-leaning hybrid with powerful effects and an equally potent flavor.

Allegedly named for its original grower, Chemdawg has a spicy taste with strong notes of diesel fuel that are so noticeable you can bet that any strain that smells like gas has Chemdawg in its lineage. You’ll taste it on the exhale, and the smell is so pungent that everyone around will know exactly what you’re up to. This is not a stealth strain!

As loud as it is, Chemdawg is great for when you’re feeling down, offering a cerebral high that sparks creativity and positive well-being. It comes complete with a stony body high, so if you take two hits it will assuage any lingering anxieties that might be keeping you up at night. Chemdawg is also great for intimate conversations with friends you wish you knew better. Enjoy the daze!

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