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Select Elite Mystery Haze


Sativa     THC 86.8%     CBG 1.58%         CBC 1.14%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 0.99%     Humulene 0.31%      Limonene 0.25%


Mystery Haze is the go-to strain for when you’d rather be high than stoned. Sometimes it’s chill to smoke some hard-hitting indica that will turn out the lights in your head before knocking you out, but if you’re the type of person who actually has stuff to do today, you want a landrace sativa like this one. Someone who really loved Hazy Kush kept backcrossing it with itself to produce this particular mystery, and the result is a fast-acting, mentally stimulating high that will tickle your cerebellum and send tingles up the back of your neck.

Perfect for those who like to wake and bake, Mystery Haze is fragrant with that spicy haze flavor we all know and love, punctuated by sweet, tropical notes of fruit and pine. It produces an energetic high that’s loaded with lifted euphoria and tempered by a strong sense of relaxed satisfaction on the come-down. This is also a great anytime strain, because it’s unlikely to leave you feeling burned-out or weighed down after vaping. 

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