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Select Elite Pitbull


Indica     THC 87.2%    CBG 2.09%    CBN 0.53%     

Primary Terpenes: 

β-caryophyllene 0.92%    ∂-limonene 0.26%   β-myrcene 0.17%


Pitbulls are intimidating to look at, but looks can be deceiving. People who own pitbulls know that they can be some of the sweetest, friendliest, silliest dogs around, hardly deserving of their reputation. This distillate from Select lives up to its name. It’s a cross between P-91 and Sugar Plum, so you can expect a pleasant, tropical taste with notes of lemon and lime. On the exhale, you’ll notice a funky pungency, which makes some people cough.

Pitbull is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s perfect for resetting your expectations. If you thought you knew what it felt like to be comfortable, relaxed, and happily at peace with the world around you, prepare to reach new plateaus of pleasant satisfaction.

The high from Pitbull starts with a tingle in your face, right behind the eyes, and the relief spreads out noticeably from there. A few minutes in, and you’ll feel Pitbull’s characteristic couchlock with a heavy body stone that will make you sit, roll over, and maybe even play dead. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

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