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Select Elite White Dragon


Indica     THC 88.7%     CBG 3.88%         CBN 1.09%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 1.25%    α-humulene 0.35%     Limonene 0.32%


Do not underestimate Select Elite White Dragon. It is a 100% Indica hybrid, the overpowered offspring of Northern Lights and Afghani, both of which are notorious for the narcotic, sedative effects. The high comes on in waves, first a funny numbing feeling high up in your cheek bones, then a sweeping whoosh of vertigo that can drop you like a sack of overdue laundry.

If you hit this standing up, it’ll knock you on the couch. If you’re already sitting down, White Dragon will lay you out and send you off to dreamland. It’s perfect for relieving aches and pains that usually prevent people from sleep, and it relaxes every concern or worry that might keep you up at night.

Beginners should exercise caution with this strain because it can quickly overwhelm the inexperienced and then you’ll miss out on the relaxing blissful feeling you would otherwise be able to enjoy. People with a high tolerance, on the other hand, prefer saving this one for nighttime when they can fully appreciate its relaxing effects.

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