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Serra THC Milk Chocolate Bar


Hybrid    THC 50 mg   

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


Chocolate and cannabis go together like peas and carrots. It’s something about the smooth velvety flavor mixed with that little hint of something extra that really does it. This bar from Serra is made with 45% milk chocolate by Woodblock Chocolate—a gourmet Portland chocolatier.

Expect a beautiful blend of cacao from Tanzania and Ecuador that melts in your mouth to release bright floral notes and just a hint of caramel. One square contains 5 mg THC, which is just right for people with moderate tolerance. If you’re just starting out, half a square will do.

After twenty or thirty minutes, you’ll begin to notice a subtle tide of relaxation rising within you. The body buzz flows upstream to tickle your cerebellum making this a perfect treat for a personal day, after a heavy workweek, or whenever you can manage a nice long soak in a hot tub.

This chocolate is gluten-free, and made from cacao beans that have been ethically sourced, direct from the farmers.

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Brands: Serra
Serra's slogan is "Quality Drugs" and that's a bold claim to live up to. Fortunately for us, they deliver on that promise—and we're proud to deliver it to you.Just like Pot Mates, Serra wants to completely transform the way people look at cannabis. Their packaging features custom art from local artists like Maja Dlugolecki who uses abstract color to express her moods. Serra also classifies their cannabis products according to how you might want to feel, using descriptors like "Happiness," "Focus," and "Relaxation" to delineate their effects.They've been in the business since 2016 and done nothing but refine their craft ever since. Serra was founded by Cambria Benson, who was born and raised right here in Portland. Her experience with cannabis has been both recreational and medical—but always beneficial. She had a hard time finding cannabis brands and retail locations that connected with her—most retail spaces were intimidating and just downright ugly. Benson wanted to design an experience that would put customers at ease, focusing on education without pretension.It's easy, in a fast-paced industry, to get swept up with the "next big thing" and follow short-lived trends, but Serra chooses instead to focus on their values and stay true to their brand. Authenticity is more important than style, and Serra has built a reputation on delivering quality across a wide range of offerings.The name "Serra" is taken from the Italian word for greenhouse, and Serra's quality starts with their flower. All of it is grown using mindful cultivation practices to assure it is as sustainable as it is potent and consistent. For their edibles, they partner with Oregon-based companies like Woodblock Chocolate, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Jacobsen Salt Co., resulting in delectable treats with precise doses of THC, CBD, or both. Serra also produces a line of all-in-one disposable vaporizer pens that are compact and gorgeous, offering a discrete and convenient way to vape at your own pace.
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