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Sol 365 Variety Pre-Roll Pack (6pk) Vol. 2.1


This variety pack from Sol Cultivations offers a thoughtful balance of soothing effects so you can smoke the right joint for the right moment. It contains three different strains: Black Lime Reserve, Orange Cream, and Tangie Candy. There are two prerolls of each strain, and every joint weighs in at about half a gram—large enough to share if you’re feeling so inclined. The box is trisected into different colors to tell them apart.

Black Lime Reserve

Primary Cannabinoids:  THC 19.73%    CBG 0.12%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable

Indica — Soothe

This is a custom in-house hybrid that has been carefully developed over several years by crossing Woodman Canyon Oil Can with Lime Afghani, Northern Lights, Purple Kush, and Chemdawg Special Reserve. It’s calming and uplifting at the same time, offering unparalleled physical comfort and a pungent taste.

Orange Cream

Primary Cannabinoids:  THC 18.09%

Primary Terpenes

β-myrcene 0.29%    α-pinene 0.14%    β-caryophyllene 0.11%

Hybrid — Soothe

If you like a smooth smoke, Orange Cream has a palatable citrus flavor and a pleasant aroma. It’s great for nighttime, offering a powerful sense of calm and peace. Some people find it takes the edge off in social situations.

Tangie Candy

Primary Cannabinoids:  THC 15.58%

Primary Terpenes

β-myrcene 0.99%    α-pinene 0.24%    β-caryophyllene 0.17%

Sativa — Soothe

Tangie Candy delivers a euphoric and energizing buzz that’s sure to perk you up during that afternoon slump. Descended from Orange and Skunk, it has a funky fruity flavor underscored by dark layers of funk. Great for smoking anytime.

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You might not have heard of Sol Cultivations, but the most important thing to know is right there in the name: they specialize in premium sun-grown cannabis, cultivated with as much care and attention as a plant can get. Sol Cultivations found the best natural environment to grow their plants. They’re located in Ashland, Oregon, which has a climate very similar to Southern Italy, famous for its olives. It’s nestled in a basin at the southern reach of the Rogue Valley.While many cannabis farms get caught up in trying to find the perfect strain, growing hundreds of different varieties, Sol Cultivations is committed to a consistent menu of innovative strains. We know how frustrating it is to go through all the trouble of finding your new favorite strain only for it to disappear after it's all sold out, so we can appreciate first-hand this focus on consistency.Sol Cultivations is dedicated to giving their plants the best possible groing environment. They lean into the specific virtues of a small collection of choice cultivars, honoring them with organic growing methods, natural fertilizers, and responsible water consumption. In the words of owner and founder Huey with the Fire, "We encapsulate the effervescence of the plant in the best way we know how, using the most natural methods possible. Our terroir and appellation maximize yield, terpene profile and bud structure for a consistent, highly desirable product."Huey with the Fire is an Oregon native, born and raised in Ashland where he sprouted his first seed at sixteen years old, kickstarting a lifelong obsession. He leads a small but passionate team of individuals who advocate for the medicinal value of marijuana and bring genuine enthusiasm to every level of the operation. Katie, the operations manager, migrated from the medical field out of love for working with Mother Earth and Neon, the sales and advertising guru, has over two decades of sales and advertising experience to help share Sol's unique vision with the world.In addition to flower, Sol Cultivations makes full-spectrum freeze dried hash powder that sprinkles neatly onto a bowl or a dab. Freeze-drying keeps it from sticking to itself while also preserving the original terpene content of the bud. They also have their own all-in-one organic rosin pod, made with 100% solventless rosin.
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