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Sugarbud Variety Pack (7pk)


This shimmery pack is everything you need for an elevated weekend. Seven joints were handpicked for the right balance of three unique strains designed to pick you up, keep you going, and let you down easy. Sour Diesel, Animal Face, and Robots are perfect for morning, evening, and night.


2 Sour Diesel Prerolls

Sativa — Lift

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided

Primary Cannabinoids

  1. THC 26.2%
  2. CBD 0.16%

If you’ve smelled any weed that had a gassy odor, it’s thanks to the presence of Sour Diesel in its lineage. It catches you right in the back of the nostrils and is a world-renowned daytime Sativa strain. Whether you need a pick-me-up or you just don’t want to smoke anything that will make you fall asleep, Sour Diesel can help you feel focused and alert with a speedy cerebral head high.


3 Animal Face Prerolls

Hybrid — Soothe

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided

Primary Cannabinoids

  1. THC 23.1%

This strain is an experience in itself, which is why it’s good Sugar Budz packs in three joints of Animal Face. Bred from familiar Animal Mints and mysterious Face Off OG, the high is almost psychedelic. It starts off with a a sparkly, giggly tingle you’ll feel all around your face, then turns into a sleepy lifted effect that’s perfect for vibing whatever you like. Whether you’re watching a movie marathon or going to a festival, Animal Face will ease you into the experience and let your mind wander through all its intricacies. Expect a sweet aftertaste of nutty vanilla and earthy pine.


2 Robots Prerolls

Hybrid — Dream

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided

Primary Cannabinoids

  1. THC 23.3%
  2. CBD 0.05%

Robots is the perfect end to a perfect day. Its parents are Rollins and White OG. Rollins is known for being a surprisingly calming Sativa with flavors like sour citrus and earthy pine. White OG, on the other hand, is a heavily sedative Hybrid that will leave you tingling on the couch until you finally let sleep take you off to sweet dreams. Put them together and you’ll glide down from the day to the deep rest you deserve.

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Brands: Sugarbud
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