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Tang Breath .5 Gram Vape Cartridge

$35.00 $29.05

Hybrid     THC 68.7%.    CBD <LOQ%

Primary Terpenes: 

β-Caryophyllene 4.48%     Limonene 2.14%     α-Humulene 1.90%

Want to feel like an astronaut? Tang Breath will send you to space, or at least make you feel like you’re living in zero gravity. Willamette Valley Alchemy’s Tang Breath was bred from Tropicana and Mendo Breath, and it’s perfect for sinking into the great inky blackness of space. It starts with a complex cinnamon flavor and leaves a light aftertaste reminiscent of oranges.

The strong show from caryophyllene loosens muscles and relaxes discomfort while limonene decompresses mood, sending stress out into orbit. Tang Breath is lighter on the THC and that helps you stay grounded. This is a great strain for liberating your corporeal self with a powerful body high.

Recommended for pain relief, relaxation, and contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos. Pairs well with actual Tang.

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