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Titan’s Kind Strawberry Cinex Fruit Chews


THC 54.5 mg    CBD 0 mg

Primary Terpenes:   Unavailable


The best part about these delightfully juicy Titan’s Kind strawberry chews is that they’re individually-wrapped and there are five in a box, so you can easily toss them into a pocket or bag to take them with you on the go. Each chew contains 10.9mg of THC, so we recommend starting with half of one unless you already know your tolerance for edibles. You can save the rest in the wrapper for later.

Titan’s Kind Fruit Chews are made with whole plant extracts to preserve each strain’s individual cannabinoid and terpene profile. Active is made with Cinex, a landrace sativa known for its energizing buzz, perfect for daytime adventuring.

These chewy delicacies are completely vegan and free from wheat, rye, and barley. They come packed in plastic-free recyclable packaging to reduce our environmental impact, but please note that these boxes are not child-resistant.

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Titans Kind


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