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Trichome Farms Sativa Indica Hybrid Pre-Roll Pack (6pk)


This biodegradable pre-roll pack contains an eighth of weed wrapped up in six distinct pre-rolls. There are two each of a stellar sativa, an entrancing indica, and a hashy hybrid. Tangie Dream, Purple Punch, and Kush Mintz combine to give you the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer.


Tangie Dream (2)

Primary Cannabinoids: THC 23.3%    

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable

Sativa — Lift

If you asked people to name the most sativa strain out there, you’d end up with a tie between Blue Dream and Tangie. Tangie Dream brings together both sides of the sativa spectrum offering an uplifting and euphoric energy with a healthy helping of relaxed creativity. It’s long-lasting, tapering off into a gentle afterglow. And it tastes like a Hawaiian barbecue pit is smoldering someplace nearby


Purple Punch (2)

Primary Cannabinoids: THC 25.3%    

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable

Indica — Soothe

The unique flavor of Purple Punch will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever had purple Kool-Aid. It’s a one-two hit when you smoke it. The effects start behind the eyes with a warm inflating euphoria. As you rise to meet a higher state of serenity, the second punch turns your arms and legs into sandbags. Purple Punch is for mellowing out and decompressing, both mentally and physically.


Kush Mintz (2)

Primary Cannabinoids: THC 28.2%    

Primary Terpenes

∂-limonene 0.93%    β-myrcene 0.44%    Linalool 0.32%

Hybrid — Calm

As the undisputed best of both worlds, Kush Mintz starts with a warming spinal tingle that permeates your entire body with a deep-seated sense of relaxation. It gets its name from its signature sweet minty flavor, although you’ll also detect an undertone of skunk. Kush Mintz is bred from Bubba Kush crossed with Animal Mints, which means it can also help you sustain focus during lengthy conversations.

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Is the best flower grown indoors or outdoors? The answer is: it depends on who’s growing it. To source some of our indoor cannabis strains, we looked to Trichome Farms, located among the red rolling hills of Oregon’s wine country in Dundee. Trichome Farms wants to do one thing, and do it well: to produce the highest quality indoor recreational cannabis in the state.

Founded in 2015 by Ted Gurin and Zach Davis, Trichome Farms quickly started racking up awards, winning the Best Greenhouse Flower and second-best People’s Choice award at Ganja Con in 2016. They won the People’s Choice Award in the Oregon Growers Cup that same year, then again in 2017. If the critics can be trusted, these guys grow some dank herb.

Of course, that isn’t by accident. It’s the result of obsessive attention to detail, a trait we admire here at Pot Mates. All of their flower is grown in a climate-controlled environment, set in four-foot by four-foot flower beds to simulate a natural growth environment and encourage healthy root structure. Where Trichome Farms improved upon nature is in their special organic soil mix. It consists of several natural raw ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, and glacial rock. They don’t use any chemical nutrient formulas, focusing instead on compost teas that are custom brewed for each plants’ needs.

After harvest, the flower is cured in a room with fine-tuned temperature and humidity for optimal yield. The buds are then trimmed by hand so that the small ones can be used to make pre-rolled joints and extracts. They save the biggest and best nugs for you, the customer, so you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each grow.

Trichome Farms produces extracts through collaborations with some of Oregon’s top processors like White Label Exract, Willamette Valley Extracts, and Permaculture Solutions. They’re in the process of launching a hybrid grow house dedicated to making live resin extracts with the help of these partnerships.

We’re proud to carry two flowers from Trichome Farms: Jet Fuel Gelato and Lost Cause (which you can also enjoy as a preroll.)

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