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Edibology Uplifting Chocolate Cannacube Edible


THC 50mg    CBD <LOQ%

Primary Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, and β-Caryophyllene

Edibology Uplifting Chocolate Cannacubes are each infused with 10mg of THC and a custom terpene blend that includes pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Pinene promotes a sense of alertness while limonene elevates mood and caryophyllene contributes to a feeling of relaxation. These effects can last all day, with the result being an increase in creativity and pleasant optimism. Half a cube is all you need to feel on top of your game and ready to conquer anything.

Edibology’s Chocolate Cannacubes were developed with potent recipes, consistent quality, and ease of use in mind. They are naturally gluten-free, and are also low in fat, sugars, and calories due to their small size. They are delicious, with a rich salted fudge flavor.

Split each cube in half for a 5mg dose and you’ll have ten doses per package. Please bear in mind that edibles have a two-hour activation window and it is unwise to increase dosage during that time.

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Brands: Edibology
SKU: RED (50mg THC Sativa Terpene profile)
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[ed-uh-bol-uh-jee] (n) A natural science that deals with the creation of cannabis infused foods for human enjoyment.[1] Edibology produces cannabis-infused superfood bars and delicious salted chocolate morsels, made with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Their goal is to create small, potent edibles using premium ingredients. Through their E-Bars and Chocolate Cannacubes lines, Edibology offers a personalized cannabis experience with consistent effects from batch to batch. Edibology was founded in 2017 by two friends, Jason Parkinson and Rob Kusmich, who met at Arizona State University. Jason was working at a medical dispensary while getting his bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Business Sustainability and he was able to observe first-hand the impact edible cannabis could make in the lives of patients. After graduation, Jason moved on to Bend, Oregon, to follow his love of snowboarding. He ended up falling in love with the state, and when Oregon legalized the possession and sale of cannabis in 2016, he decided it was time to level up the edible cannabis experience. He invited Rob to join him in Portland, where they founded Edibology in 2017. It didn’t take long for the proof in the pudding to show the success of this mutual endeavor. In 2018, Edibology’s Almond Bar won the Best THC Edible trophy in the King Canna Cup at Budfest in Eugene, firmly cementing Edibology’s claim to the top tier of high-quality and high-performance edibles. Jason and Rob grew their team to include production manager Alex Barajas, sales leader Jaden Johnson, and executive assistant Karen Gutierrez. Alex makes sure Edibology’s operations can meet demand while Jaden works to put connect Edibology with retailers. Karen is a well-rounded utility player who helps keep the company moving forward while they continue to grow.


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