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Adventure Pack Premium Pre-Rolls by Utokia (6pk)


Utokia understands that the second most important rule of enjoying cannabis (after be safe) is to have a good time! This preroll 6-pack takes that idea to a whole ‘nother level. Of course you’re getting four dynamite strains (two each of the ones you’ll want to try again,) and of course they’re color-coded, but each pack also comes with a random collectible trading card featuring one of the unique strains they carry. Each joint is roughly a gram, and Utokia uses no scraps and no shake to make them—just fresh ground small-batch bud. PotMates delivers near you in Portland city limits.


Vanilla Frosting (Blue) x 2

Indica — Dream

Primary Cannabinoids

THC 23.7%

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided.

Vanilla Frosting is a powerfully relaxing indica that’s likely to leave you with the munches and just a touch of red-eye. Best enjoyed right before dessert, it has a quirky flavor of cinnamon, spice, and just a hint of something floral.


Hella Jelly (Red) x 2

Sativa — Lift

Primary Cannabinoids

THC 22.9%

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided.

Straight from the fires of Mt. Hellzfire, Hella Jelly has a mesmerizing aroma of cherry and sweet berries that will lure anyone into having a good time. This is a strain that will pick you up around the same time as your usual cup of coffee, great for the morning of an adventure.


Puppy Breath (Green) x 1

Sativa — Flow

Primary Cannabinoids

THC 23.9%

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided.

Yes, it’s a little stinky, but if you imagine the overwhelming sense of joy and purpose you feel when a puppy can’t stop licking your face, how can you resist? Puppy Breath delivers a bright and silly high that makes you as carefree as a canine, and it tastes much better than it smells.


Her Majesty (Purple) x 1

Hybrid — Calm

Primary Cannabinoids

THC 23.4%

Cannabigerol|CBG 0.21%

Primary Terpenes

No terpene data provided.

Bask in this high like a basilisk sunbathing on a branch! Her Majesty is a cross between Mexican and Queen Mother, delivering a balanced high that is reserved, relaxed, and introspective. It is gorgeously cerebral, perfect for contemplating all the matters that weigh the head beneath the crown.

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Brands: Utokia
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