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Viola Purple Kush Live Resin Concentrate


Indica    THC 72.2%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Myrcene 7.4%     Pinene 1.3%     Caryophyllene 1.1%


Purple Kush is a purebred indica, and that means it has to power to soothe anything that ails you. Its parents are Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, two of the oldest strains of cannabis indica known to humankind. Both were bred for long-lasting waves of euphoria that roll through you like waves under a dock at low tide.

You can expect a subtle, earthy aroma with the pine-sweet overtones you’ve come to expect from the Kush family. Live resins are derived from flower that was frozen while it was still fresh in order to preserve the original terpene profile. People enjoy Purple Kush for the relief it brings more than anything, but it’s also popular for low-key activities like reading or playing video games—any time when you don’t need to be all that aware of your body beyond being comfortable.

Like Pot Mates, Viola is a minority-owned company with a commitment to reinvesting in their community and creating opportunity. They make premium, flavorful, butane-extracted concentrates among other things.

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Viola Cannabis
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Viola Cannabis


Viola Inc. produces a variety of cannabis products with its own proprietary procedures for cultivation, extraction, and production. They control every stage of the process because they know perfection is the product of obsessive attention to detail. The result is some of the finest quality flower and premium butane extracts in all six states where they operate.

When people think of Viola, the first thing that comes to mind is often veteran NBA star Al Harrington—and that’s totally reasonable. He founded Viola Extracts in 2011 and is currently an active member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), the Cannabis Trade Federation, and Tidal Royalty’s Advisory Board. But he’s not the reason we chose to work with Viola Brands. Our partnership is based on the shared values that led him to start his company in the first place, reasons so important they’re right there in the name.

Viola is named for Al Harrington’s grandmother, Viola Harrington. She suffered from severe glaucoma that got so bad at one point she could hardly see. After seeing the variety of medications she had to take and reflecting on his own experience with pain management through cannabis, Al persuaded his grandmother to try cannabis. And it worked! Viola was brought to tears because, for the first time in years, she could finally read her bible again. Seeing how marijuana could have such a profound and positive impact on her inspired him to bring that transformation to as many people as possible.

At Pot Mates, we believe that quality and ethics are inseparable. We want to work with companies who want to make more than just money, but an actual difference in people’s lives. Our favorite part of the business, something Viola and Pot Mates have in common, is witnessing the almost magical ability cannabis has to dramatically improve someone’s life when used responsibly, and in moderation.

Viola is also a purpose-driven brand who, like Pot Mates, is rooted in giving back to minority communities. These communities have always been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs, and the only way to undo those systemic oppressions is through education, expungement, and finding ways to reintegrate previously incarcerated people into society. Viola empowers minority ownership with a coalition of minority investors who own and operate Viola.

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